Fortnite Patch Notes v12.20 Update – New Choppa Helicopter, Locker Presets

Here’s the Fortnite Patch Notes for today’s v12.20 Fortnite update. Today’s update includes the introduction of the ‘Choppa’ Helicopter vehicle.

Epic Games released the v12.20 Fortnite update today which brought with it a bunch of leaks and new features. Prior to the Fortnite servers coming back online, the German Apple app store updated the description of Fortnite. The new description stated that helicopters would be added in today’s Fortnite update along with The Spy Games.

Epic no longer release Fortnite patch notes on their website. However we’ve created our own patch notes for today’s v12.20 Fortnite update which you’ll find below.

Fortnite 12.20 Update Patch Notes


The Choppa is the latest vehicle added to Fortnite Battle Royale. Chapter 2 has only has the motorboats which in comparison to the amount of vehicles in chapter 1 is nothing.

The Choppa can hold up to five players at once, one driver and four passengers. There’s no firing weapon on the helicopter but there is a boost for the choppa to help you get to your destination much quicker.

The Choppa has 1,500 HP which is ideal due to the fact that it’s a slow vehicle and players can’t just off the helicopter, so you’ll need to land if the helicopter is about to explode. There’s also speakers that you can enable and disable that’ll play some music as you take to the sky.

Here’s a look at the official Fortnite trailer for the choppa:

Locker Presets

Epic Games have finally added Fortnite locker presets, a feature that has been requested for some time by the community. Instead of having to individually change each item that you want to wear in the locker, you can now create presets.

This means you can set up your favourite Fortnite combo in the locker which includes five slots. The five slots are the Fortnite skin, back bling, pickaxe, glider, and wrap. You can then save this present/loadout.

You can make a number of different presents and select them when you want to change up…