Fortnite Box Fight LTM found in the v12.20 game files

A new LTM will be entering Fortnite, bringing another practice mode to the masses: box fighting.

Box fighting has become the meta in high-level Fortnite play. Sure, the fancy high-ground retakes have their place, but box fighting is a fundamental necessity if you want to compete in Fortnite.

The younger Fortnite pros spent the bulk of Chapter 2 Season 1 in their box fighting arena, wagering competitors and keeping a strict count of their records.

Now, it appears as though Epic is going to further legitimize box fighting through an LTM found in the game files.

This addition appears to be just like the release of Zone Wars to Fortnite; a popular community mode that gets an official plug.

There are several established box fighting maps in Fortnite already – both free-for-all and team-based. Unlike Zone Wars, however, it’s tough to mess up a box fighting map.

All you need is a pump, an AR, a Slurpfish, and a couple of minis. Apart from that, it’s hard to make a “bad” boxfight map – where Zone Wars can be hit or miss.

It will be interesting to see if Epic adds challenges and cosmetics to the Boxfight LTM as well. At least, fans would like a skateboard variant to use.

We’ll keep you posted as more details of this LTM are revealed. Until then, we’ll need to rely on Creative Fill for practice.