Agent Meowscles room and cinematic leaked in Fortnite

Agent Meowscles story content is scheduled to unlock this coming Thursday. But we got a sneak peak at his cinematic and personal space on Twitter from an account that leaked the images. Meowscles’ room shows off his solid gold workout equipment because he loves bodybuilding, as well as his balls of yarn because he is a cat.

The Meowscles cinematic shows the agent dusting off his paws in his litter box, running on a treadmill, and lifting his gold weights. There are a few interesting details for the observant viewer, such as his Lynx heart tattoo, various balls of yarn strewn about his space, and a cat nap counter on the black board in the background of one of the shots.

Agent Meowscles is the third secret agent to receive their very own cinematic and personalized space, following the release of Agent Brutus and Agent Tina’s personal spaces and cinematics over the past month. The final story driven vignettes are scheduled to release for Agent Skye on March 26 and Agent Midas on April 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 has featured more lore than any previous seasons. In addition to the various secret agent themed story elements in the menu, Epic has sought to integrate its battlepass story into the map through the various secret agent locations scattered throughout the island.

Players even have a say in the story, with each agent allying itself with either the shadow or the ghost organization based on which skin the majority of players choose for each agent. Once players have made their selection, Epic changes the agent’s compound on the map to match, marking the first time Epic has let the player base impact the Fortnite island.