Typical Gamer literally catches rocket with insane Fortnite bug

Fortnite streamer Andre ‘Typical Gamer’ Rebelo got incredibly lucky during a recent stream. You have to see it to believe it.

It’s difficult to describe exactly what happened to Typical Gamer during one of his recent streams. The YouTube streamer was playing a sweaty game of high-MMR solo matches when he encountered an aggressive player – nothing new for any Fortnite streamer.

The 1v1 played out normally until Typical Gamer made a corner edit to shoot his opponent. When he did, the other player shot a rocket at the streamer. Quickly, TG closed his edit and screamed in fear.

What happened next was something that Typical Gamer, I, and most other Fortnite players have never seen before. The rocket disappeared in TG’s edit.

We’ve all seen timely edits save players from getting hit by a rocket. We’ve also seen the opposite happen; when a player edits at exactly the wrong time.

But this? I don’t think anyone has ever seen this before. Is this a bug? Is it new? Was it always possible? We need some more clips to know for sure. If we don’t see any, though, we have to assume that this was the fluke of all flukes.

Fortnite v11.50 brought a ton of bugs to the game, but rockets disappearing into edited walls hasn’t been reported. It will be interesting to see if anyone can recreate this – even in Creative Mode.