Fortnite Sneaky Silencers LTM has some game-breaking bugs

The Fortnite Sneaky Silencers LTM has a few bugs that completely ruin the game mode.

The Fortnite LTM rotation can sometimes be a welcome break from the base Fortnite experience. Some of them completely change the game, while others only change a few elements.

A lot of players enjoy LTMs because of the lack of skill-based matchmaking. In these modes, you can get a taste of what Fortnite used to be before we were split into lobbies based on our statistics.

Sneaky Silencers, the previous LTM in rotation, has a couple of bugs that are making the game un-winnable for some players. The game mode is supposed to be covered in a layer of thick fog, but not all players are getting the same level of visibility.

Naturally, someone with better visibility will have an advantage over a player who can only see a few feet in front of them.

The user who posted this image claims to be using a colorblind setting, but that isn’t the issue. I have played with default settings and still experienced the dense fog of the bottom image.

This isn’t the only bug in the Sneaky Silencers mode, however. Some players are also finding normal guns in the game mode.

Players have reported finding normal Scars, SMGs, snipers, and even shotguns while playing Sneaky Silencers. Not all of these guns give players a massive advantage, but a shotgun certainly would.

Sneaky Silencers isn’t a competitive mode, but it feels a bit defeating to know that you could be going up against someone who has a normal Scar and can see through the fog.

Thankfully, Epic replaced the Sneaky Silencers LTM with the Bounty LTM. Hopefully, they get these bugs sorted out before the next rotation.