Rumors point to a free Fortnite Valentine’s Day skin

The Fortnite rumor mill is buzzing with news of a potential free skin for Valentine’s Day.

Epic has been steadily releasing the last batch of leaked Fortnite Valentine’s Day skins into the Item Shop ahead of the Holiday on Friday. We only have a couple of skins left to go, one of them being the ‘Candyman’ skin.

This outfit is an interesting one. It features a character made of Valentine’s candy, complete with a ‘Kiss Me’ heart and an opened box of chocolates.

Via: YouTube/Kingzi Kingz

This skin has prompted rumors that it will be free for Valentine’s Day. Like some of the other free cosmetics, Epic may offer it for free if you receive it as a gift from a friend.

Epic has never run this promotion with a skin, before, but they did release two free skins during the Winterfest event.

News of this being a free skin is only a rumor at this point, but it’s easy to understand why it’s picking up some steam. No skin has ever looked more like a Valentine’s Day gift than this one does.

Most likely, we’ll see this skin hit the Item Shop on Friday and will be able to gift it to our friends over the weekend. This one probably won’t win you many fashion shows, but no one is complaining about free Fortnite cosmetics.