Fortnite weak point pickaxe bug fixed on all platforms

Finally, all Fortnite players are able to farm without this debilitating weak point pickaxe bug.

Yesterday, Epic released Fortnite v11.50.1 on Xbox, Switch, and iOS. The team didn’t specify which bugs this small patch was aiming to fix, but some quick testing on the Xbox revealed that the weak point glitch was the target.

Anyone who plays Fortnite on a console knows how aggravating this problem was. I even went so far as to call it, “worse than the mechs,” at one point. It was infuriating to stare those circles in the face as you missed them again and again.

Epic fixed the issue on the aforementioned platforms but PS4 was, unfortunately, left out of the party. PS4 players were wondering if the bug would be fixed before the PS4-exclusive Celebration Cup this weekend.

Today, February 12, Epic has released the v11.50.1 patch on PS4. The update has yet to go live on PC. By all accounts, PC players weren’t experiencing the same issue as console players were.

Epic employee EpicDustyDevo responded to the clip above, telling players why a fix for the weak point glitch took so long.

“Basically hotfix means you change data (like how much damage a gun does, or how long it takes for the storm to close in), whereas most actual code bugs need to be fixed in code, compiled, and then a new version of the game has to be released to you. That process takes at least a few days in the best of circumstances.”

I will say that farming feels amazing after experiencing this bug for the better part of a week. I’ll never take those weak points for granted again.

Still, there is a long list of bugs that Epic is still trying to iron out. The new update comes out in just over a week. Let’s hope they get everything sorted out by then.