Epic releases Fortnite v11.50.1 on Xbox, iOS, and Switch

Epic has released a surprise Fortnite update on Xbox One, iOS, and Switch to address “stability.”

Anyone who has played Fortnite in the past week knows how messy things seem to be. The release of the Unreal Engine Chaos Physics system was far from smooth, as it introduced a number of bugs that are still plaguing the game.

Epic, to their credit, has done their best to work through the bugs that cause players to fall through the map. They’ve released hotfixes for these issues to help reduce the frequency.

Still, players were getting phased under the map while console players have been experiencing the infuriating ‘weak point’ bug while farming.

Epic Games

Today, February 11, the Fortnite Status Twitter account announced the release of v11.50.1 on Xbox One, iOS, and Switch to “address stability.” They didn’t give us any news on what exactly that means for the game.

A quick test revealed that the weak point issue has been resolved on Xbox One, at least. This might not sound like a massive deal, but anyone who experienced the bug knows how frustrating it was.

Epic may have made some other small fixes with the v11.50.1 patch, but it’s not overly noticeable.

Everything in the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board is still marked as ‘Fixed in next release,’ including the pickaxe bug. We may see an update to this list once the patch is live on all platforms.