Fortnite player gives ‘trickshotting’ a new meaning

The best trickshots in Fortnite might not be what you think.

Fortnite has always been a game that caters to all playstyles. Do you want to have a casual, fun experience? Go right ahead! Do you want to push the whole lobby? Best of luck!

Skill-based matchmaking has put a handcuff on the casual nature of Fortnite, but there are still plenty of game modes that focus on having fun. SBMM isn’t present in LTMs, and there are countless Creative Mode maps to explore with your friends.

Epic Games

Encountering a trickshotter in Fortnite can be extremely intimidating as a normal player. They aren’t as easy to distinguish without the Driftboard in the game, but it’s still daunting to face someone who is trying to 360 no-scope you while jumping into the water.

One Fortnite player created a wholesome way to trickshot, however. These are much closer to Dude Perfect than they are to FaZe Clan.

Reddit user TheMacrum posted a video to the r/FortniteBR subreddit, entitled ‘Everyone cranking their builds in creative but I was out here making 3’s’

These are some impressive shots, and give you a bit of Chapter 1 nostalgia at the same time. The player hit shots at the hoops in the original Retail Row and Greasy Grove.

Those of us who hae been playing Fortnite for over two years likely have a few no-scope clips in our libraries, but few of us have made a trickshot like this.

Fortnite creators have been scraping the bottom of the content barrel with the stale Chapter 2 Season 1. Keep an eye out for a few copycats in the near future.