This Lily Pad item concept is a brilliant addition to Fortnite

This concept would bring one of the natural Lily Pads into your inventory.

Mobility is one of the areas that need the most attention in Fortnite Season 2. We now have Launch Pads in public matches, but they’re still missing in the competitive playlists.

Launch Pads are a great start, but they’re just that – a start. We’ll likely see something else come to Season 2 that will help us get around the map. Most fans assume that a land vehicle will be the next addition.

It’s true; a new or unvaulted land vehicle would be a perfect fit for the new Fortnite map. What about other mobility items, though? Will Epic continue to unvault old items or will they create something new?

Epic Games

Reddit user u/jrushFN came up with a concept that itemized Lily Pads. The competitive community jokes that Lillypads have been the best source of mobility in Chapter 2, but that’s not totally wrong. They provide a safe, balanced way to get around the swamp.

According to the creator, these Lily Pads will be a common, low-distance mobility item that improves rotation and opens the door for ‘meme plays’ and trickshots.

Via: u/jrushFN

This might be the perfect mobility addition to Fortnite Chapter 2. Lily Pads are unique to this season and present a minimally powerful mobility tool that could be used for all types of strategy.

The only problem that I can see is clogging the loot pool. You don’t want these items to be too common, or else we’ll all complain about having an inventory full of Lily Pads. Apart from that, these would be a phenomenal addition to the game.