Fortnite pros will face off in a competitive Search and Destroy match

Competitive Fortnite is taking a new form on February 7 with a Search and Destroy tournament featuring Fortnite pros.

Search and Destroy is one of the more entertaining LTMs that Epic has added to the game. These community-created maps give a fresh take on the game that wee all love and show what the future of Fortnite might look like.

Epic and PracticeServer are getting in on the action with an official Search and Destroy Competitive Showmatch, taking place on February 7 at 6 PM EST.

The Fortnite pros participating in the event include Saf, Zayt, Riversan, Avery, and more.

You can watch the stream from the perspective of the pros playing in the Search and Destroy match, or watch the official cast on the Practice Server Twitch channel.

It’s refreshing to see competitive Fortnite take a different form in this Search and Destroy match. In my opinion, this game mode is more polished than many of the other LTMs we’ve seen.

Search and Destroy is far more compelling than the Zone Wars maps Epic included in their official LTM. With attention like this, it’s interesting to see whether or not Search and Destroy will become a part of the base Fortnite game in the future.