Fortnite requests community support finding new bugs

Epic is asking for community support in finding bugs with the new Unreal Engine Chaos Physics system.

The new Fortnite Chaos engine was the topic of a ton of discussion ahead of the v11.50 update. Streamers like Ninja and SypherPK, along with the bulk of the community, thought that the new physics system would drastically change the game.

As it turns out, the new system didn’t do much. There was a misnomer in the Fortnite community, which called the new system a new engine. It’s the same Unreal Engine; Chaos Physics is only a system within that engine.

Semantics aside, the new update didn’t do much other than add a heap of new bugs to the game. Epic has already addressed the game-breaking phasing bug and has a fix for the weak points bug coming in the next patch.

The Fortnite Status Twitter account announced that the team was investigating some of the other reported bugs in the patch. They named the bug that pushes boats through the map, specifically.

There is probably still a number of bugs that have gone undetected, however. That’s where Epic is asking for our help. They want us to report the bugs that we find so they can iron out the kinks in the Unreal Engine Chaos Physics system before Season 2 comes out.

So far, Epic has listed the following bugs on the Community Issues Trello board:

  • Some Outfits and capes move erratically
  • Boats will sometimes float or move oddly
  • Boats may fall through the map when moving through builds or off high cliffs
  • Several vehicles in Creative steer or place oddly

If you find any further issues, Epic asks that you use the in-game reporting tool to escalate your problem to the team. Hopefully, this will all be sorted by the time Season 2 hits on February 20.