Wall phasing just got worse in the Fortnite v11.50 update

The notorious wall phasing bug which allows players to walk through walls still exists in Fortnite, and it’s got even worse in the latest v11.50 update that was released earlier today. 

The wall phasing bug is a known problem in Fortnite, but it caught the attention of players two days ago after it was discovered that phasing through cones and walls was effortless. Players simply had to walk next to the walls and edit the cones in a certain pattern and then fire on an unsuspecting victim. Now, it’s just gotten easier. 

Legacy Esports professional Fortnite player Jahlyn Evernden discovered that it was possible to simply walk through walls by standing in the middle of a wall while it was being built and place two cones on either side of the wall. Once the build was complete, he could run back and forth through the wall. 

Jahlyn on Twitter

You can walk through fully built walls if you phase them for long enough

Although the phase wasn’t instant, this is a huge bug that could be exploited to win matches. Considering boxes are used commonly in competitive play, players could get the jump on unsuspecting victims if they just sit on the edge of their box while it is being built. No need for editing. 

Since Epic has just implemented the v11.50 update, a bug fix will likely take days. But fans can keep up to date with all intended bug fixes and issues known on the official Fortnite Trello board