New Fortnite update is littered with bugs

Epic has updated Fortnite to run on the Unreal Chaos Physics engine. Hours after the update, the bugs are rolling in.

Fortnite players had high expectations when Epic announced the shift to the Unreal Chaos Physics engine. Fans went so far as to speculate that structures would explode and break into pieces – something that the new system allows for.

Well, the update is here, and not much has changed. It looks like the update did little other than add a heap of new bugs to the game.

We’ll start small, with an issue with the cloth animations on some skins. This isn’t the end of the world and is something that Epic can ignore for a while.

Here’s something they can’t ignore: the ability to walk directly through walls. If you phase the wall long enough, you can walk through it as if it’s not there.

Harvesting materials in v11.50 got an overhaul as well. This change wasn’t intentional, but it will certainly impact your ability to farm.

Weak points aren’t registering, most of the time. Epic responded to the following clip, saying, “Thanks for reporting this. We are actively looking into this issue.” You’re going to see those two sentences a lot.

Farming seems to be a relatively large issue in v11.50. Weak points are bugged, and so are some structures. Here’s a clip of a player harvesting a wooden car in Holly Hedges…

Want to get under the map in Fortnite? Now, it’s easier than ever. The new Chaos system made an already prevalent problem even worse.

These players got through the map accidentally, but it will undoubtedly lead to people doing it on purpose. Here’s a player getting yeeted under the map and another using a boat to get there.

Epic replied to this bug, thanking the player for reporting the issue and telling the community that they’re working on a fix. Again, this is going to be a common thread in the coming days.

We’ve also seen a few smaller bugs with the update. I’m sure that more glaring problems will make their way to the surface…