Fortnite’s Love and War event offers new Search and Destroy LTM and cosmetics

The first big Fortnite event of 2020 is now live and it fits perfectly in theme with Valentine’s Day next week—Love and War.

The star of the event is the community-made Search and Destroy game mode, which features official challenges that award new cosmetics to earn.

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All is fair in Love and War 💔 Play the new community made Search and Destroy LTM, earn a free Pickaxe, Emote and Wrap by completing free Challenges. Also, keep an eye out for plenty of themed Outfits coming to the Shop! Read more:

Image via Epic Games

In Search and Destroy, which Epic games describes as “a classic attack and defend game… Fortnite-ified,” two teams of six play up to 11 rounds. One team must destroy a bombsite while the other has to defend it, with teams switching sides periodically.

Players will earn gold by eliminating enemies, planting or defusing objectives, and completing rounds. Gold is then in turn used to purchase weapons, shields, and building materials.

Basically, if you’ve played Search and Destroy in Call of Duty or Demolition in CS:GO, you know what to expect. It’s a combination of the two with a Fortnite twist and it’s pretty fun.

Multiple cosmetics can be earned via a list of challenges for Love and War, but there will also be new skins in the in-game store. Love and War is live now and ends on Feb. 17.