Fortnite v11.50 downtime announced: what to expect

Epic has announced downtime for v11.50. Here’s what to expect in the Fortnite patch notes.

The Fortnite community has been anticipating the v11.50 ever since Epic confirmed the new release date of Fortnite Season 2. Today, February 4, Epic announced that v11.50 will be coming on February 5.

Downtime for the patch will start at the typical time: 4 AM EST (0900 UTC). There’s no news of when the downtime will end, but the Fortnite Status Twitter account will keep us posted.

We don’t know everything that the patch will bring but do have an idea based on a blog that Epic posted. Here’s what to expect in the Fortnite v11.50 patch notes.

Unreal Chaos Physics engine

The biggest change in the v11.50 update is the shift to the Unreal Chaos Physics engine. The above image shows us what the engine is capable of, but we don’t truly know what this means for Fortnite.

Early speculation has it that this engine will allow structures to crumble rather than disappear. Some people also theorize that you may be able to shoot through the cracks in wood and brick as well, but this is purely speculative.

SypherPK and Ninja discussed the update when it was first announced. Both expressed apprehension at the fact that Epic wants “Fortnite to still feel like Fortnite.” The two streamers took this as an indication that there’s a chance Fortnite doesn’t feel like Fortnite after this update.

Epic Games

To add further credibility to the scope of these changes, Epic is hosting the DreamHack Anaheim tournament on the v11.40 build. The changes in v11.50 will be enough to affect how competitive Fortnite is played.

Luckily, we only have to wait one more day to find out what…