TSM Myth brainstorms new Fortnite trap, and it’s genius

One of the most popular Fortnite streamers Ali “Myth” Kabbani has proposed a new trap design for the battle royale. 

Earlier today, the streamer come up with his new bouncer trap that would send enemies flying out of boxes to protect players during fights. The trap would be placed on walls and floors but would launch opponents out of small areas if they entered the trap’s radius. 

This trap would be similar to the bouncers that have been in Fortnite since June 2018 but were vaulted in the v11.00 update. These traps send enemies flying, but can be activated by both enemies and the players that placed the trap. Myth’s trap would work differently from these bouncers, however; it would only bounce players enemies, rather than the player that placed the trap. 

Myth on Twitter

I had an idea for a new trap in Fortnite – what do you guys think?

Similarities can be drawn to the Shockwave grenade, but Myth acknowledges this. He argued that the Shockwave grenade shoots both enemies and users into the air, but also destroys everything in its vicinity. Myth’s trap would only destroy the wall that enemies flew out from, rather than destroying an entire box, rendering the fight useless.

“Shockwave-bouncer trap that only works on your opponents…tell me that’s not genius,” he said. 

This trap seems like it could be useful in certain scenarios. But Epic Games has already implemented this type of trap in it’s other Fortnite title, Save the World.  The Wall Launcher trap sends monsters flying across short distances without directly impacting the player.

Image via Epic Games

But this trap has not been implemented into battle royale and doesn’t completely destroy certain walls, like Myth’s idea suggests, so it’s possible we could still see this trap in battle royale.