NickEh30 accused of cheating during Fortnite Twitch Rivals charity event

Tons of Fortnite personalities teamed up with NFL players for the $500,000 charity Streamer Bowl yesterday. But it seems like Nick “NickEh30” Amyoony planned to purposely break the rules with his partner.

NickEh30 was seen on stream talking with his partner David Morgan, an NFL player for the Minnesota Vikings, about where they wanted to land for game three of the Streamer Bowl.

The event’s rules laid out a specific location for players to land to make the play area fair and even. This rule also helped to avoid any unfair advantages since players could, theoretically, land at another POI to collect better loot and positioning.

Before game three was supposed to start, NickEh30 can be seen on stream talking with his partner about finding a landing zone when the Canadian suggested they land in a restricted area.

“Remember, we get a warning,” NickEh30 said. “We don’t get restarted, we just go back in.” NickEh30 tried to convince his partner that “it wasn’t a bad thing.”

The NFL player went on to suggest a place to land, but the Canadian began to laugh and instructed his partner that “it can’t be that obvious.”

The rules for the Streamer Bowl said that warnings for breaking the rules would be as follows:

  • First broken rule: Verbal warning.
  • Second broken rule: Four points deducted from total points.
  • Third broken rule: All points revoked and team removed from the event.

NickEh30’s clip reached the top of the LivestreamFails subreddit and Fortnite fans were not happy.

With Nick and his partner successfully landing outside of the zone, they were able to unfairly pick off another team. The community felt that the play by the Canadian was extremely unfair and not a good look, especially during a charity event.

Nick and his partner placed sixth in the event and were able to donate $30,000 to charity. At time of writing, NickEh30 hasn’t commented on the clip.