Did NickEh30 cheat during the charity Fortnite Streamer Bowl?

NickEh30 has been accused of cheating during the Fortnite Streamer Bowl. Is there any truth to these reports?

Last night, the NFL, Twitch, and Fortnite joined forces to create one of the most entertaining Fortnite competitions in recent memory. Clix and Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears walked away with first prize, benefiting the charities of their choosing.

NickEh30 and his partner, David Morgan of the Vikings, placed sixth in the competition. The streamer is now in the midst of some controversy over his behavior during the event. Fans have accused the duo of cheating.

Before the third game, NickEh30 and Morgan can be seen chatting about their strategy. They were assigned to land in the Retail Row area but decided to intentionally land outside and rotate in. The first penalty for being outside of your zone was a warning. Nick wanted to take the warning for a chance at better loot.

This clip, which was posted on several subreddits including r/FortniteCompetitive and r/LivestreamFails, gained a lot of attention from the community. Even Nick’s celebratory Tweet was littered with comments about the alleged cheating.

After landing outside of the zone, Nick and Morgan snuck up on Chap, killing him from behind. In the clip below, you can hear Chap vocally wondering where Nick could have come from.

Opinion time

So, those are the facts. NickEh30 intentionally landed outside of the designated zone in order to get better loot. Is this cheating?

In my opinion, there’s a difference between gamesmanship and cheating. There were rules in place for players who left their zone. Nick knew this and decided to make the most of his warning to gain better loot.

This is the Streamer Bowl, after all. Is it cheating to intentionally foul a player in basketball? Is it cheating to intentionally take penalties in order to run the clock in Football? Here’s a clip of the Tennesse Titans doing exactly that in the playoffs a few weeks ago.