Cameo vs. Chic Overtime Challenges cheat sheet

Click here to find the no fishing signs, gnome locations and all other Cameo vs. Chic overtime challenges.

The third week of Fortnite Overtime Challenges is here. This time, we’ll be unlocking the yellow variant of the Cameo vs. Chic skin. This would have been the final week of challenges, but Epic extended Season 1 and will be adding a few more to complete in the meantime.

The challenges for this week are of medium difficulty. We have easy challenges like eliminations with an AR, Shotgun, and Sniper as well as more difficult challenges like visiting specific locations.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

Here are all of the challenges for the Cameo vs. Chic Overtime rewards:

  • Catch an item with a Fishing Rod at different locations with No Fishing signs (0/3)
  • Consume an Apple, a Mushroom, and a Slurproom (0/3)
  • Search a Rare Chest or Supply Llama (0/3)
  • Elimination at different named locations (0/5)
  • Catch a fish at Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, and Flopper Pond (0/3)
  • Visit a lonely recliner, a radio station, and an outdoor movie theater (0/3)
  • Get an elimination with an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle (0/3)
  • Destroy a telescope, a television, and a telephone pole (0/3)
  • Search the hidden gnome found in between a race track, a cabbage patch and a farm sign (0/1)
  • Dance at the top of and Mount H7, Mount F8, and Mount Kay (0/3)

There are ten challenges in total, but you only have to complete nine of them to receive the rewards. You might want to skip a challenge if you’re having difficulty with it – unless you’re a completionist.

Cheat Sheet

Via: SquattingDog

Luckily, TheSquattingDog has us covered with a detailed breakdown of the week’s challenges. You can take a look at the interactive map to find all of the locations you need. As always, it’s often easier to complete some of these in Team Rumble.

With another 21 days until Season 2, Epic is going to have to add something to keep players coming back. My best guess? A free Battle Pass, similar to last year.

Epic gave us…