Tfue shows off his $3,500 Fortnite keyboard

Turner “Tfue” Tenny revealed his new $3,500 custom Fortnite themed keyboard on stream yesterday.

Fans discovered the custom keyboard earlier this month on TaehaTypes’ Twitch channel where the keyboard guru creates custom pieces in front of a live audience. The keyboard manufacturer consults with clients and creates custom peripherals that perfectly suit their request.

The custom parts, coloring process, and other manufacturing costs are the reason for the high price tag, according to TaehaTypes.

Tfue teased fans at first with the new item and eventually unboxed the keyboard on stream. He was immediately surprised by how nice the keyboard looked and joked about it being shiny enough to shave with.

“Oh my god, look at it, it is so clean you can read chat through it,” Tfue said. “Dude I can’t wait to put this in my bathroom and then shave with this mirror on the back.”

The keyboard has a Fortnite emote aesthetic and includes Japanese lettering underneath the traditional English letters. Tfue’s logo is also featured in the top right corner, which adds a nice custom touch.

Once Tfue was done admiring his new custom keyboard, the Fortnite legend hot dropped and went straight to work, cranking 90s and dominating build battles.

Normally, gaming equipment will only improve your experience and not your overall skill, but this $3,500 keyboard may be the secret to becoming a world champion. At the very least, you’ll still be bad but in style.