Epic responds to bizarre Fortnite ‘Close Encounters’ bug

There’s a strange bug with the Jetpacks in the ‘Close Encounters’ game mode. Epic has responded to the clip.

Fortnite has been relatively stagnant with their LTM lineup for most of Chapter 2. It wasn’t until recently that Epic started cycling these modes through the game this season.

The reason that some of the popular modes like ‘The Floor is Lava’ haven’t been put into the game is probably that the new map can’t handle them.

When this game mode was brought into Season X, players quickly realized that one of the Rift Zones presented an issue. You couldn’t build over Tilted Town, which meant you had to bounce on the Lava and hope you didn’t die.

Epic has been treading lightly with Fortnite Chapter 2. They’re focusing on fixing problems with the game, even though more and more seem to surface every time there’s an update.

The most recent LTM, ‘Close Encounters,’ shows what happens when Epic doesn’t consider all of the possibilities in Chapter 2. What happens if you use a Jetpack while inside of a hideout, for instance?

Well, now we know. One player hopped into a port-a-potty and hit the jetpack. They flew into the sky invisibly, unable to control their movement. They flew higher and higher until they eventually jumped out of the hideout.

Epic employee DrGetSomeStrange commented on the post, “This issue is currently on our scope and is being investigated. Would it be possible for you to submit feedback using the in-game Feedback button with ‘DrGetSomeStrange bug’ in the Subject so we can take a look at your logs? Thanks!”

The team is still investigating the issue, according to the Fortnite Trello board. Like ‘Floor is Lava,’ the result will likely be a removal of the game mode indefinitely. Unfortunately, it’s usually easier for Epic to remove an LTM than it is for them to fix a bug like this.