Team Liquid signs Fortnite pro mitr0 after #Freemitr0 controversy

Team Liquid has signed Netherlands-based Fortnite pro mitr0 to their roster.

While other teams like Ghost Gaming and TSM cut ties with their Fortnite talent, Team Liquid added one of the top free agents in the UK to their roster: Dmitri ‘mitr0’ Van de Vrie.

Team Liquid signed the pro on January 22, releasing a three-minute welcome video for their new player. Mitr0 joins the likes of Fiber, Vivid, Chap, and 72hrs on the Team Liquid Fortnite roster.

For those who don’t remember, mitr0’s professional Fortnite contract was under some dispute when he “outgrew” his original organization, Atlantis. Other streamers and pro players got the hashtag #Freemitr0 to trend in the US, urging Atlantis to release mitr0 from his contract.

After a few back-and-forth statements from Atlantis and mitr0, the two eventually parted ways and mitr0 became a free agent. Now, four months later, Team Liquid struck a deal with the Fortnite pro.

Liquid has always been one of the top Fortnite organizations out there, quickly acquiring Vivid after he rose to the top of the heap in early competitions. They were also able to snag 72hrs from FaZe Clan when organizations were first dipping into competitive Fortnite.

As other teams get smaller, Team Liquid seems to be adding more Fortnite stars. They are setting themselves up to be one of the most recognizable organizations in the game, with plenty of representation at major tournaments.