Tfue unwittingly kills and praises Bugha

Tfue and Bugha met in a public match and impressed one another with their high-level play.

It’s always exciting when two of the best players in the world meet on the Fortnite battlefield. We’ve been spoiled with so many scrimmages happening over the past few months, and rarely get to see an organic fight take place.

Well, Tfue and Bugha were both playing public Fortnite matches on January 20 when they encountered one another outside of Weeping Woods.

The two squared-off with one another and took their first shots. Tfue was immediately taken aback by his opponent’s accuracy. Predictably, he blamed it on aim assist. After a few more dinks, Tfue told his chat, “This guy is the best aimer in the game”

Little did he know that he was going up against the reigning World Cup solo winner, Bugha. Tfue went about his game until he looked at chat and realized that it was Bugha. He gave a passing remark but focused on the fight at hand.

For Bugha’s part, he was stunned to get “65-meter ‘naded by someone in pubs.” Both pros took the other by surprise with their aim, game awareness, and overall sweatiness.

These organic streamer matchups have been pretty lacking of late. Most of the time, we see these top-level pros kill one another in scrimmages rather than in public matches.

We haven’t seen the last of Bugha vs. Tfue – at least from a competitive standpoint. Next time, the two will likely be ready to face another world-class opponent.