Pokimane receives her own Fortnite emote

Pokimane has stepped up as the latest content creator to receive a custom Fortnite cosmetic item. The Twitch streamer revealed a new emote, named the Poki, designed after a popular TikTok dance.

The emote is modeled after a TikTok dance, in which the streamer grooves to a bright and bubbly track. Pokimane’s emote comes as part of a promotion for Fortnite’s new Emote Royale contest, which allows players to submit their own emote ideas on TikTok for a chance at receiving their own in-game dance.

pokimane on Twitter

can’t believe i’m saying this, but i officially have my own @fortnitegame Emote! 🤯🥳 it’s available at 4PM PT tomorrow if you’d like to get it! #EpicPartner P.S – you can also enter to have your own in-game emote by submitting a dance via @tiktok_us with #EmoteRoyalecontest 😁

The emote first surfaced online after data miners unearthed the emote in recent game files, leading many to believe Pokimane was next in line to receive a skin as part of Epic’s newly revealed Icon Series.

Epic debuted its Icon Series earlier in the week and revealed the first cosmetic of the skin line: a new look modeled after Ninja, which closely resembles the streamer with his iconic blue hair and yellow headband. The skin features Ninja in a blue outfit with his logo on the sleeve. Players can customize the skin and choose to wear it with a mask on or off.

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Players will be able to unlock the Poki emote tomorrow at 6pm CT, according to the streamer’s announcement.