Fortnite’s new Liferun mode revealed in trailer

Fortnite creative YouTuber BluDrive has revealed an official trailer for the game’s upcoming limited-time mode, Liferun.

The new mode, which was leaked last week, features the Red Cross as a partner. The map will premiere this weekend, Jan. 19, at PAX South. DrLupo, Lachlan, and One Shot Gurl will compete in Liferun for the “Fortnite Peace Prize.”

“In Liferun we flipped Fortnite upside down,” the description of the trailer reads. “Instead of taking lives, your objective is to save lives. Become an ICRC hero as you’re sent around the world on missions to save the day.”

The Liferun trailer shows players competing in a race to save and heal civilians as they traverse through an all-new Creative map. The players are seen using golf carts and hoverboards to move around the big landscape.

More about Liferun and Fortnite’s partnership with the Red Cross will be revealed over the weekend during a livestream at PAX South.