Fortnite player recreates Ninja’s infamous New Year’s Eve flossing tutorial in-game

Ninja might be the most iconic content creator in the history of gaming, but that doesn’t make him immune to being poked fun at a little bit here and there. 

After Epic Games released a custom Ninja skin in-game earlier this week, it didn’t take long for people to start making jokes at his expense while activating the flossing emote. 

Fellow Fortnite content creator TimTheTatman was quick to crack jokes about flossing on his stream when he got early access to the skin, but one person in particular did their best to perfectly replicate Ninja’s awkward moment in a video. 

Im not seeing enough movement

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Playing the audio from Ninja’s flossing tutorial video, a fan made a video of a Ninja-skinned avatar doing the floss emote on a giant stage surrounded by stereos. Panning the camera around to show the crow, the video shows an audience of immobile snowmen dressed in Christmas hats and red scarves. 

As the video continues, the audio replay of Ninja doubling down on his awkward moment is accompanied by short visuals shots of snowman after snowman standing completely still.

While the moment was undoubtedly awkward for Ninja on New Year’s Eve two years ago, he’s done a good job of taking heat from the situation in stride. 

After getting the skin himself, Ninja also made a joke or two about “not seeing enough movement” while doing the floss emote. Prior to that, he even published a funny video trying to replicate the incident in his house with his family at New Year’s Eve this year.