Tfue frustrated by bug that costs him a game of Fortnite

Tfue plays enough Fortnite that he knows just about all of the ways that you can win a match. But yesterday, he found a particularly disheartening way to lose when an in-game bug hindered his ability to defend himself. 

With about 20 players left in a scrimmage match between pros and the storm closing in tightly, Tfue and other players were building walls up and down what was left of the playable zone. Moving up and down ramps, with guns being fired all over the place, Tfue popped an opponent with a shotgun to down them. 


Clip of Tfue Playing Fortnite – Clipped by AzhoraTV

But as he walked up the ramp to finish off his target, instead of shooting his opponent, his avatar picked up the body of his opponent instead, making him incapable of using a weapon. Considering how many players were left in such a small zone, the small amount of time he spent with no weapon resulted in him being shot as he turned around with a body on his back. 

“No, why is that a bug?” he asked. “Why is that still in the game, bro? Nice, I’m holding a fucking dead body so I can’t shoot. I hear a kid coming up behind me and the next thing you know, I’m holding a dead body.”

The bug became possible after Fortnite’s Chapter Two was released and the game introduced a feature that allows players to carry downed teammates, and opponents, so that they can move them to safe, or dangerous, positions.

This bug could be seen as particularly problematic for someone like Tfue who has almost exclusively played Fortnite during his career on Twitch. 

While some content creators have taken breaks to play new shooters when they come out, like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, Tfue recorded the most hours watched on Twitch last year with 91 million hours watched playing Fortnite across more than 2,000 hours of airtime. He didn’t play any other game for more than 20 hours.