Ninja responds to “hypocrite” comment after criticizing Fortnite

Ninja and Dakotaz had a recent back-and-forth over Fortnite criticism. One fan called Ninja a hypocrite for later trashing Fortnite.

For those who don’t know, Ninja and Dakotaz had some online beef recently that seemed to escalate rather quickly. It all started with Dakotaz tweeting that Fortnite was “hot garbage.” Ninja replied to the tweet and later responded on-stream, which led to Dakotaz blocking Ninja on Twitter.

Ninja later clarified his statements, saying that streamers have more power than they may know. When streamers go onto other platforms like Twitter or Instagram to trash Fortnite, they’re only hurting themselves and the health of the game.

Ninja also made sure to note that he wasn’t talking about on-stream rages. Everyone “hates” the game from time to time. Ninja was criticizing off-stream complaints.

The whole situation with Dakotaz seemed to be blown out of proportion. Each streamer has their own view on the topic and it’s easy to see where both of them were coming from.

During a recent stream, though, Ninja used the classic, “I hate this game,” comment after dying. He ranted about not being able to take an opponent’s floor piece, which is a constant criticism in the Fortnite community.

One of Ninja’s viewers called the streamer a hypocrite for making these comments. He responded by telling his chat, “I literally say that popping off in the heat of the moment is completely different than just tweeting out a negative opinion and not being able to back up what you’re talking about.”

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Ninja’s rage was right in line with his previous comments about raging on and off-stream. He vented to his viewers, explained why he was angry, and moved on.

“I freaked out on the game and then I went on to explain what I didn’t like, what I hated, and why it was annoying. Then I figured out what I did wrong and now here we are; we’re playing a game and…