New Fortnite game mode ‘Liferun’ leaked

A new Fortnite game mode has been leaked and should be released in the coming weeks.

Nearly every article we’ve been writing over the past couple of weeks starts the same: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is incredibly long. Epic has been jam-packing the game with challenges but the lack of new content has some fans rolling their eyes.

Today, January 9, we got our first batch of overtime challenges for Season 1. More will be coming in the following weeks as well, according to the announcement posts from the official Fortnite social media accounts.

With over a month left in the season, though, we still have a lot of time to kill before Season 2 comes out. What will we be doing for the extended season? Well, data miner @ShiinaBR released some information about a new game mode that may be coming soon.

This game mode will reportedly be called ‘Liferun’ – a clever play on the deathruns that became popular a few seasons ago. According to the description, we’ll be “racing to save the lives of characters in 4 different missions.”

The announcement for this game mode is set to take place at PAX South, which kicks off on January 17. We could see the mode come into the game on the same day that Epic announces it.

My best guess is that this game mode will be similar to the Fortnite X Jordan ‘Downtown Drop’ LTM. It will be in the rotation for a couple of weeks before cycling out. We may even see a collaboration for this one – possibly with a charity.

I could see Epic getting into the charity game with Fortnite. I’m surprised that they haven’t already made a skin with all of the sales donated to charity….