Strange Fortnite bug is sending players under the map

Another Fortnite bug has reared its ugly head. This time, it’s sending players under the map.

Game-breaking bugs have always been a part of Fortnite – as is the case with almost all games. From Ziplines sending players into orbit to water somehow causing fall damage, Fortnite players have experienced it all.

Lately, though, bugs have been going unchecked. The Fortnite team is on vacation, so reports of lightsabers causing players to teleport have fallen on deaf ears.

The lightsabers are out of the game, now. That doesn’t mean that all of the bugs are gone, however. Players have started to experience some strange bugs that send them under the Fortnite map.

This clip was taken from a PS4 player. It has all the hallmarks of an early-game console clip – buildings failing to load and all. When the player emoted, they fell through to the bottom of the map.

One of the commenters on the post, NomNomNomNation, claims that the issue is with the server. The building haven’t loaded yet, so the emote allowed the player to phase through to the ground.

This isn’t the only recent case of players appearing below the map. This player spawned below the map during a Team Rumble pregame.

We’ve also seen several recent reports of people losing matches to opponents who are below the map.

It’s unclear whether or not these players are cheating or exploiting. All we know is that they wind up with the truly ultimate low-ground.

It looks like the player in the above clip only has a pickaxe, so it’s possible that he or she wound up underneath the map by mistake. Luckily, they played it out and ended up winning the game.

As well-deserved as their break might be, it seems like it’s about time for the Fortnite team to come back. Get your mans, Epic. This s*** is getting nutty.