Epic addresses missing Fortnite X Star Wars achievements

The Fortnite X Star Wars event has officially ended, but fans are now missing their achievements. Epic Games has responded.

The Stormtroopers have, apparently, fixed their ships and left the Fortnite world, bringing the lightsabers with them. Whether you hated or loved the lightsabers, we can all agree that the 100% shield-rate in those chests was a welcome addition.

Many players were content to move on past the Star Wars collaboration but noticed something strange when they looked at their Legacy tab. This is where all of your achievements – called ‘entries’ – are located.

The Star Wars entries have gone missing. Weeks of achievements now show a blank space where they should be, leaving players to question what went wrong.

The completionists in the crowd were upset about the missing achievements. It’s not a huge deal, but they provided a memento to have for the life of the game.

Thankfully, Epic was quick to address the issue. They are investigating the missing entries and will be giving us updates when it’s all fixed.

We may have to wait for a full update for the fix. The Fortnite team appears to be on vacation, which is why there are so many bugs running wild at the moment. This one is likely low on their priority list.

For now, all we can do is remember the good days of 150-ing an opponent from three blocks away. It seems like just yesterday…