Epic responds to bugged Fortnite lobbies and infinite loading screens

Fortnite has been suffering from some massive bugs in the last two weeks. Epic has responded, but nothing has changed.

Bugs have always been a part of Fortnite – both large and small. Most of these bugs have been annoying but manageable. Lately, though, some Fortnite matches have been downright unplayable.

Players have been reporting bugged lobbies where they can’t do anything but run around. Others don’t even get that far. They’re stuck in a loading screen until they restart their game.

There have been countless posts on the r/FortniteBR subreddit that outline these issues. All players seem to be reporting a variation of the same issue: they can’t play Fortnite.

This SypherPK video is from January 4, but the issue is still happening on January 6. There is a long list of clips and posts from the FortniteBR subreddit showing that it’s still a problem.

To make matters more confusing, Epic posted a statement to the subreddit on January 2, saying that they were investigating the issues. Four days later, and players are still having trouble loading into some Fortnite lobbies.

The Fortnite team usually takes a break for the holiday season, and it’s unclear if they’ve returned or not. Winterfest ends tomorrow, so it’s fair to expect a new Fortnite update. It’s possible that Epic is waiting for the update to fix these problems.

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