SypherPK explains why Fortnite skill-based matchmaking isn’t as fun

Popular streamer SypherPK has expressed frustration with the current state of skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite and how the new system makes the game less fun.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has been a long-running topic in the Fortnite community ever since Epic announced it. A lot of content creators came out against the shift, saying that the game would lose some of its magic.

SypherPK has expressed his feelings about the system in the past but went off on the topic during a January 3 stream. He explained how SBMM has ruined two of his favorite Fortnite activities: random duos and creative plays.

On the topic of random duos, he said that the storylines of organic player interaction have been “deleted” from Fortnite. All of the players he encounters are now of the same skill levels. The days of getting kids their first wins are long gone.

PK went on to say that his innovation has been stifled by SBMM. “If you start trying to have fun or experimenting, a lot of times you just get shut down by a sweat-lord who really needs the win,” he said. “I’m just frustrated, bro.”

In response to a comment about wanting more content for his stream, Sypher said, “I’m not talking about content. I’m talking about fun.”

It’s easy to see where Sypher is coming from, even if he isn’t talking about creating content for his stream. Facing-off against a noobie who doesn’t know how to build was entertaining, especially as a high-level player.

The problem is that Epic wants these low-skill players to keep enjoying their game. They don’t want the SypherPKs of the world toying with them for five minutes and making them want to quit.

Skill-based matchmaking is a double-edged sword. Many players miss the days when they could roll-through a bot lobby, but we felt the other end of that when Epic tried to balance the scales with the BRUTE.

Fortnite is an incredibly complex game. If Epic wants to keep new players coming in, then they need to protect the noobies against…