Nick Eh 30 shows a better way to peek in Fortnite

Peeking out of a box is a massive part of competitive Fortnite. Streamer Nick Eh 30 shows us a better way to peek.

The meta in competitive Fortnite is to get into the zone, box up, and look for shots. Every pro player does this during the mid-to-late game circles. You aren’t going to see Bugha and Mongraal running around in the open unless they’re trying to rotate.

Once players are safe in the zone and get into a box, they start to look through their cones or unfinished metal to see if they can get any free tags on opponents who are rotating and fighting. This is the safest way to get damage and picks during the late-game, but it isn’t without risk.

Another player might see you from a different angle. The more you move forward in your box, the more exposed you are. Streamer Nick Eh 30 has shown us a new way to peek, though, that decreases the risk of getting shot from an odd angle.

I haven’t seen anyone pull this off in a competitive match. It takes extra materials to set up, but it’s a fantastic strategy for mid-ground players who are already safe in the circle. Editing the bottom cone nearly eliminates your risk of being shot from the blindside.

It won’t always be possible to set up an edit like this, but this strategy will likely pick up some steam in the future. It will be interesting to see if any pros attempt this edit during the FNCS finals this weekend.

Nick is more of a streamer than a competitor these days. He was once considered one of the best editors in Fortnite and had a massive hand in shaping the building meta that we see today. Strategies like this one show us why he was so instrumental in the growth and development of high-level Fortnite.

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