Fortnite player builds a sky base in the Cash Cup and wins

The sky base is a lost art in Fortnite. This player brought it back during a Cash Cup and took home the victory.

When’s the last time you saw a good sky base? They’ve been scarce with recent updates – especially since skill-based matchmaking entered the game.

There aren’t any ways to safely abandon a sky base, anymore. There’s no re-deploy, shockwaves, or any other way to save yourself. If you get shot down, you’re dead.

That was until NickMercs unwittingly unearthed a bug that allows you to avoid fall damage by running through a bush. As long as you don’t jump, you’ll be safe from any fall damage you may take.

This revelation didn’t do much for practical Fortnite play. Most players frequently jump while playing Fortnite, which will negate the bush effect you see above.

What it did, however, was re-enable the ability to safely create a sky base in Fortnite. Player Orunge used this tactic to his advantage and gained – what has to be – the first sky-base win in a Competitive Fortnite tournament.

The video is a bit long, but it shows Orunge running through a bush and beginning to build his base. He keeps it going until there’s only one person left. When he sees the opponent, he drops down for the kill.

This probably isn’t an effective way to win a Cash Cup, but it makes for some entertaining content. Next time you’re in one of these matches, make sure to look up.

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