Is the lack of mobility in Fortnite good or bad?

Fortnite Chapter 2 brought us back to the basics in terms of mobility. Is this positive or negative for the overall Fortnite experience?

Fortnite Season 9 and 10 were two of the most mobile seasons in the game’s history. Slipstreams, Re-Deploy, Shockwaves, Bouncers, Quad Crashers, Launch Pads, and more all found their way into the meta of these seasons. When Epic released Chapter 2, they removed all of these.

What we have now is a game that’s drastically different than what we played for the previous six months. Epic nerfed mobility into the ground while adding several ways to heal yourself to avoid dying from storm damage.

The lack of mobility in Fortnite has positives and negatives. Let’s take a look at the cases for and against adding more mobility to the game.

The case for more mobility

The case for more mobility in Fortnite is simple: the less mobility there is, the more players are going to be stuck in the storm or running towards a distant circle. There was ample mobility by the end of Chapter 1 when you consider the vehicles, natural mobility, and inventory items. Now, we’re stuck swimming with the current and driving boats on land.

Adding mobility items to the game will also help the issue of ‘trucing’ in competitive Fortnite. Trucing refers to swinging your pickaxe and creating a truce with another player while both of you rotate to the next circle.

Trucing only makes sense when you don’t know whether or not you have an advantage over your opponent. You don’t know what guns, how many materials, or how much health your opponents have. It’s impossible to know whether or not you have an advantage, so rotating players swing their pickaxes to avoid fights and safely rotate.

If you have a Launch Pad or some Shockwaves in your inventory, then you know that you can take a fight during rotations and jump away if the fight isn’t going in your favor. You won’t have to worry about healing items as much as you do, either. Players won’t be late-rotating as frequently as they currently are.

The case against mobility

There’s a strong case for keeping things the way that they are, as well. There is an ample amount of ‘white’ healing items in the game. Floppers are easy to come by and the Bandage Bazooka can keep you alive for several storm circles if you need it. Of course, we also have Bandages and Medkits as a last resort.

Epic cited ‘unhealthy aggression’ when they removed siphon, but mobility was always the bigger culprit. You could jump on players from across the map in the era of 100% mobility. The less movement in Fortnite, the slower the games are going to feel.

Being stuck in the storm isn’t a death sentence like it once was. You can stock up on fish or grab a Bandage Bazooka to tank the storm damage and run to your next destination. There is some mobility as well – if you’re swimming with the current or happen to find a boat.

The current state of Fortnite has pros and cons. Players can tank storm damage and sit in the storm as a strategy. They don’t fight on rotation in competitive matches, and can sometimes catch the downside of being stuck in the storm.

On the other hand, the game is a lot slower than it used to be and the lack of mobility items reduces the overall RNG of a match. What do you guys think about the mobility in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.

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