Leaked updates point to the next LTMs coming to Fortnite

Several LTMs received updates during a recent patch. We have already seen two of them, which leaves three upcoming Fortnite LTMs that should be here soon.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 marks one of the best seasons of the game to date. The weapons are balanced, the map is engaging, and Epic is working on bug fixes rather than constantly changing the meta.

The lack of innovation in Chapter 2 isn’t loved by everyone, though. A lot of fans were aggravated that Epic seemed to be neglecting LTMs for the bulk of the season.

This has changed, however, with the addition of One Shot, Siphon Duos, and High Explosives during recent weeks. According to updates found in the game files, we can expect Bounty, Slide, and Ground Game to be the next few LTMs ahead of the holidays.

Slide is one of the more festive LTMs, so it makes sense that Epic will add it for the winter months. For those who don’t remember, Slide is the game mode that encases your feet in a block of ice and gives you an unlimited Grappler that you can use to move around the map.

Bounty is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a “kill the leader” type of game mode that was originally introduced with the John Wick crossover event. You kill people to gain coins and obtain all of the coins from everyone you kill. Your goal is to reach the point threshold or to be the last person/team standing.

Ground Game is another fan-favorite LTM. You can build, but not much. You can only carry 30 Wood, 20 Brick, and 20 Steel, so building isn’t much of an option. You need to rely on natural cover, which can still be destroyed – leaving you vulnerable.

Out of all of these, Bounty is my favorite by a mile. It takes the traditional Fortnite mechanics and applies them to an entirely new game mode.

Are you excited about these returning LTMs? Let us know your favorite in the comments.

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