Fortnite item suggestion improves on the Bandage Bazooka

One Fortnite fan has suggested a legendary variant of the Bandage Bazooka. This suggestion could drastically increase the number of healing items we have.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is an overwhelming success by almost all accounts. Sure, the season is starting to get a tad stale, but we should be expecting a new one once the holidays are over.

There are a few areas upon which Epic could improve, though. They have been getting a lot of flack for the lack of shields in Fortnite – something that didn’t seem to be an issue when Chapter 2 first launched.

Epic removed Slurps, Chug Jugs, and Chug Splashes in Fortnite Chapter 2, leaving only small and big pots. You can fish for Slurpfish as well, but these are relatively rare and difficult to snag if you don’t have a Harpoon Gun.

Somewhere along the way – probably when they released the aforementioned Harpoon Gun – Epic seems to limit the number of shield pots that spawn around the map. We can’t prove this, but it sure feels as though there are fewer shields out there.

Will Epic bring back the old healing items? We can’t be sure. It’s much more likely that they bring back mobility items before additional shields. After all, fishing is an adequate way to gain health and shields.

u/Vault_Tec_CEO posted a suggestion to Reddit that would add a small wrinkle to the current state of healing in Fortnite. He introduced the Legendary Bandage Bazooka, which would shoot Chug Splashes instead of Bandages.

Chug Splashes might have been the most beloved healing item of all time. Bringing them back in the Bandage Bazooka would make the item a must-carry, especially in competitive modes.

This item might be a bit overpowered to start, but Epic could fool around with the charge time and rarity to balance it out. I think this is a brilliant concept and would love to see the Legendary Bandage Bazooka in Fortnite

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