Epic confirmed a Fortnite pre-edit setting … 6 months ago

During an AMA six months ago, Epic confirmed that they were “actively considering” a Fortnite pre-edit setting. What happened?

Adding a setting to disable pre-edits is something that the community has been asking about since players started to get serious about Fortnite. It wasn’t much of an issue in the early days, but the request picked up steam once editing became a central part of the game.

The bulk of the player base has been editing in Fortnite for about a year and a half, now. Since it’s become so widespread, players have been asking for a way to disable pre-edits.

As it stands, players can pre-edit a structure to place in a certain way. This means something like editing a window or hole in the floor – which is almost always an accident.

The only time that pre-editing was a widespread strategy was on the Combat Pro days on controller. We didn’t have proper keybinds, so it was easier to pre-edit a cone into a ramp than it was to scroll through all of your structures.

Now, though, there is virtually no reason to pre-edit any of your structures. The only time it happens is by accident, which infuriates anyone who falls victim to the issue.

This post came across my Reddit feed today, and it reminded me to be angry at Epic for failing to implement a seemingly simple setting. They responded to a pre-editing question during an AMA 6 months ago – at the time of this writing (December 2019).

Epic was “actively considering” making a pre-editing setting six months ago. Where is that setting? We have revamped aim assist, a new map, fishing, the ability to hide in port-a-potties, and far more changes. What’s so difficult about adding a setting that allows us to disable pre-edits?

Chapter 2 seems like it would have been a perfect time for Epic to implement something like this. Fortnite is in one of the best states it ever has been, which elevates this topic to the top of our minds.

Still, we’ve heard no word from Epic on a pre-edit setting since this comment six months ago. There will always be the next big thing that the community wants Epic to change, but it’s been long enough for us to finally get some closure on this one.

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