Cheat sheet map for all Week 8 ‘Dive!’ challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite fans who are working their way through the Week 8, Dive! challenges in Chapter 2 will find this cheat sheet as useful as ever.

The new set of missions were released on November 28, tasking players with exploring the Fortnite map and ticking off some easy, and some difficult, quests. 

As the Dive! name might suggest, there are a few water-based tasks that you’ll have to complete but there are plenty of on-land challenges for those who don’t want to get their feet wet. 

However, if you haven’t jumped into the game recently and you don’t know what the missions, take a look at the list below.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1, Week 8 Dive! Mission challenges

  • Deal damage to descending Supply Drops (200)
  • Eliminations at Hydro 16 or Holly Hedges (3)
  • Search a Supply Drop within 10 seconds of it landing (3)
  • Complete the swimming time trials at Lazy Lake and East of Hydro 16 (2)
  • Eliminations without aiming down sights (3)
  • Pull an item, pull an opponent, and catch a fish using a Harpoon Gun (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a glider (1)
  • Search 2 chests within 30 seconds of each other (3)
  • Harvest wood within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus in a single match (300)
  • Deal damage with 2 different weapons within 30 seconds (1)
  • Search the hidden ‘E’ found in the Dive! Loading Screen (1)

Now, some of the challenges may seem pretty on the outset – dealing damage to a supply drop, securing a supply drop, and getting eliminations at certain locations – but others will require some help.

That’s where the SquatingDog’s ever so useful Cheat Sheet comes into play, as they have pointed out not only what you have to do, but exactly where to do it on the new map.


Of course, some of these challenges – the eliminations, supply drops, and opening chests for example – can’t be covered on the cheat sheet, but you won’t need extensive Fortnite knowledge to tick them off.

We’ve already covered the locations for chests previously, so you can find every single spot here – which will also help you select the best landing spots moving forward.

In addition to finding the secret Sorana cosmetics, you can also unlock the additional styles by jumping into Haybales and Garbage containers, which we’ve also previously covered.

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