Fortnite Sorana Pickaxes Location: How and Where to Find Mystery Skins Party Crashers Pickaxe

Here is where you will find the Pickaxes for the Sorana Skin in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen.

In almost every season of Fortnite Battle Royale, a free Mystery Skin can be awarded to players who have completed a number of challenges for the season and the way in which to obtain the Skin for this season is simply to find all letters of FORTNITE which have been hidden in the weekly Loading Screens.

Completing eight of the challenges/objectives for the Dive! Mission will unlock the final letter and you can now unlock the Mystery Skin for this season, Sorana. In the past, Epic have had different challenges or special tasks you need to carry out in order to unlock different styles of the Skin but this season, there are challenges where you can find the Back Bling, Pickaxe and Skin Style for Sorana.