How to get the free Fortnite Razor skin from Battle Breakers

Epic is promoting their new mobile game, Battle Breakers, and offering Fortnite Save the World players a free skin for playing.

Battle Breakers is a free-to-play mobile RPG that allows you to assemble a team and battle bosses as you make your way through the world. I haven’t played too much, but it’s an entertaining time-killer if you’re looking for a new mobile game.

Epic has one of the biggest gaming promotional machines in the world at their disposal: Fortnite. Fortnite players will do anything Epic tells them if it’s going to get them a free or exclusive cosmetic item. How many of you have ran to GameStop to get your Merry Minty pickaxes by now?

Unfortunately, this skin is isolated to those who play Save the World – not Battle Royale (at least, for now). You can get your Fortnite Save the World hero by reaching level 20 in Battle Breakers.

Via: Epic Games

Once you reach the target level, you will automatically receive your Razor skin in Fortnite Save the World – provided that you’re using the same Epic account for both games.

Will Razor be coming to Battle Royale? We can’t be sure. However, data miners did find her in the game files after the last update, so we could be seeing a similar promotion for BR players.

Razor isn’t the only Battle Breakers skin that might be making its way into Fortnite. The Kurohomura skin appears to be another Battle Breakers reference.

It’s possible that this could be the Battle Royale version of the same promotion. This guy looks awesome, so I wouldn’t be mad at it.

Would you play Battle Breakers if it meant getting a free Fortnite skin? Are you already playing? Let us know in the comments.

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