Fortnite leaks show Christmas map update and Battle Bus song

Tis the season for early Fortnite Christmas speculation. These leaks and in-game finds give us a sneak peek of what will happen this holiday season.

We’re almost to Thanksgiving, which means Christmas isn’t far off. As most Fortnite players expect, we’ll be getting some festive updates to Fortnite as Christmas gets closer.

The Christmas Battle Bus music will be back, but this time it won’t be as annoying. The past two years of Christmas music was maddening after a while – especially since it went on for nearly a month.

This time, we’ll be treated to some nice, mellow music that I won’t mind hearing for an extended period.

Of course, that’s not all that will be changing in time for Christmas. We can expect some map updates, similar to last year when the Ice King sprinkled us with snow.

It seems like Epic learned their lesson with husks in Fortnite Chapter 2, so we probably won’t see them again. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the fog.

People in the Reddit comments seem to be excited about the fog, but I’m certainly not. All the console players out there know that Fog leads to the inability to see nearly anything at all.

We should also be getting some decorations around the map if the shipments at Dirty Docks are any indication.

That’s what we have so far. There will undoubtedly be a long list of new and returning Fortnite Christmas skins to accompany these map changes. We may be able to get a look at them as soon as this week if Epic releases a patch.

Are you hyped for the Fortnite Christmas update? Let us know what skins you want to see in the comments.

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