Today’s Fortnite Item Shop Skins Accidentally leaked – Previously leaked Sklaxis Skin

Today’s Fortnite Item Shop has accidentally been leaked by the Arabic Fortnite Twitter account. Tonight’s Fortnite Shop will include the previously leaked Sklaxis skin.

In every major Fortnite update, Epic Games add a bunch of new files that players need to download. During the downtime for the update, leakers manage to find the new files and leak whatever they can get their hands on with the most popular leaks being for the upcoming Fortnite skins in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Epic Games have accidentally leaked skins and emotes that will be in the Fortnite Item Shop before it actually resets. The most recent case of Epic leaking the shop is at the end of last month. The news feed was updated on the German server which leaked the Peely Bone skin. Epic then decided to release the teaser video for it announcing it’ll be in the Item shop on that day.