Is ‘Winter Royale duos’ the next Fortnite tournament?

Rumors say that a Fortnite Winter Royale duos competition that could be on the horizon. Is there anything to the Winter Royale 2019 rumors?

The Fortnite rumor mill has been churning over the past 24 hours with news of a Winter Royale 2019 competition that will feature the duo game mode. According to these rumors, the competition will run through the holiday season, similar to last year’s Winter Royale.

Is there any substance to these rumors, though? Where did they start and who knows what?

The source of these widespread rumors seems to trace back to Fortnite coach and commentator @DestinysJesus. He tweeted out an image that seemed to be an announcement of a 2019 Winter Royale competition.

It’s unclear if DestinysJesus was jebaited or if he knew what he was doing. The original image was tweeted by @Upsilon, who also tweeted an obviously fake Winter Royale announcement.

So, the Winter Royale Duos competition is entirely a rumor. There doesn’t seem to be any credible source to these posts that would suggest that Epic is planning on hosting a Winter Royale this year.

That doesn’t mean that these rumors aren’t based in reality, though. It might not be a “Winter Royale,” but Epic could be planning a duo competition this winter.


The Fortnite Champion Series for Chapter 2 is far from a flawless competition. Players seem to routinely lose a player when they load into a match, leaving them unable to score points and losing a whole match.

It could be the number of players in the FNCS squads competition that is causing this issue. It would make sense for Epic to go back to basics with a Duos competition.

Epic Games

The grand finals of the FNCS squads competition ends on December 8. According to what we know about Chapter 2 Season 1, the season will conclude on December 12. That’s four days after the FNCS squads competition will finish.

It makes perfect sense that the third season of the FNCS will bring us back to duos. What’s more, we’ve already seen a couple of high-profile duo teams announce their intention to play together.

Mongraal and Benjyfishy have ditched their teammates of Mitr0 and MrSavage to play with one another, for instance.

Why else would the two players announce their team if they didn’t know something about the future of competitive Fortnite?

They weren’t the only players to tease or announce a team, either. The previously-mentioned MrSavage teased his teammate announcement on Twitter.

The other player in the photo was wearing the Fishstick skin, which is likely a troll based on the loss of Benjyfishy.

All of this is leading to the conclusion that, no, there won’t be a Winter Royale 2019. There will likely be an FNCS duos competition that will take place during the winter months, though.

Are you excited for a Duo FNCS competition? What about the return of Arena Duos? Let us know in the comments.

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