Fortnite hidden ‘I’ location in the ‘Hide and Seek’ loading screen

Find the hidden I location from the Hide and Seek loading screen so you don’t have to keep searching around for yourself.

Fortnite Chapter 2 week six is here. It’s a pretty simple list of challenges, most of which you can complete by simply playing the game. Take a look at the full list here so you know what to expect.

This season, Epic has us traversing the map in search of hidden letters. We saw similar challenges in previous seasons with the hidden Battle Stars, but things are more linear this time around.

Week six brings us the “Hide and Seek” loading screen. The “I” in the background can be a bit difficult to spot if you don’t know where to look, so we’ve circled it for you, below.

Hidden ‘I’ Location

The location of the characters in the week six loading screen is obvious: the big, red barn in Frenzy Farm. The I is located on the second level of the barn on the catwalk near the enterence.

You won’t have to search too hard once you make it to the barn, but Frenzy Farm is a notoriously spicy place to land. It’s Fatal Fields 2.0 with more loot and even more teams contesting the location.

You should probably load into a Team Rumble match if you’re not ready for a fight. This one is going to be contested, no matter when you unlock the final challenge of the week.

Here are all of the other guides if you’re still looking for the F, O, R, T, or N:

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