Recap of the Fortnite Champion Series controversy

Week 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series has been shrouded in controversy, with missing points, players getting kicked, and pros missing out on qualification. Here’s what happened.

The term “esports ready” has been sarcastically pinned onto Fortnite since the non-stop lag-fest that was early competitive Fortnite. Players were rubberbanding and getting killed by storm damage while deep into the circle.

Now, two years later, the bugs have yet to iron themselves out. They’re different, now – the game is actually playable – but the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) has now highlighted some of the biggest problems with competitive Fortnite.

For those who missed the chaos yesterday, here’s a brief recap. Some players were unable to connect to matches shortly after Round 2 of the FNCS began. The Fortnite Competitive Twitter account eventually gave an update – almost a full hour later – that they would be extending the rounds for one hour so that players could complete their ten matches.

Some players were able to get into a match, however. Many of these players saw their points disappear on the leaderboard, which was the difference between qualifying for Round 3 or missing the cut. Players like NickMercs and Nate Hill were missing a large chunk of their points.

Epic responded, saying that they’d be adding the missing points. This didn’t solve the issue, though. Many squads had duplicated points, which prevented them from playing a full ten matches.

Players like Poach and Snood had one game count twice. This was corrected, but they weren’t able to get their full number of points because of the lack of ten games.

So, this is where things stand now. Epic appears to be sticking to their guns on this one; putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, as it were. Several squads will be missing out on the qualification threshold because of Epic’s mistakes.

Round 3 of the FNCS is set to kick off tonight. Hopefully, Epic can iron-out their issues going forward.

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