Ninja wants bots out of high-level Fortnite games

The skill-based matchmaking system in Fortnite introduced bots to all levels of gameplay. Ninja thinks the highest level of Fortnite should be bot-free.

Most of the bots we see in Fortnite are pretty comical. They run around, pickaxe walls, loot at all costs, and hardly ever build a wall.

It’s very rare that a bot ever has an impact on an actual game. Most of the time, they serve as stat-padding kill fodder for the real opponents in a match. Sometimes, though, these bots can really screw you over.

Bots will get some clean-up kills every now and then. More often than not, they are only a distraction from real opponents who you should be worrying about. The latter is exactly what happened to Ninja in the clip below.

Ninja and Reverse2k got into a fight with some real players and some bots. Unfortunately, Ninja didn’t know who was a bot and who was a real player. He prioritized killing a bot and was cleaned up by an actual opponent.

After his death, Ninja flamboyantly mimicked the bot he encountered and ranted that bots don’t belong in high-level Fortnite. He argued that players like him don’t need their stats padded and that he only wants to face real opponents.

Skill-based matchmaking has been a topic of heated debate from Fortnite streamers and pro players since it was implemented late is Season 10. Epic added bots to reduce the queue times at all levels, but the contrast between bots and real players is most evident at the highest levels.

How do you feel about skill-based matchmaking and bots in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.

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