Cheat sheet map for all Week 5 The Lowdown challenges in Fortnite

If you’re working your way through the Lowdown challenges for Week 5 in Fortnite Chapter 2, you’ll find this cheat sheet map particularly helpful.

The new Mission pack was released on Thursday, November 7, and promises plenty of rewards if you spare the time to complete all the tasks within.

These cheat sheet maps are excellent tools to quickly work your way through all the challenges, without having to refer to different tips and guides.

Firstly, here are all the challenges you need to complete for The Lowdown mission:

Fortnite The Lowdown Mission challenges

The map, courtesy of SquatingDog, who makes these cheat sheets for every mission set, shows not only what you have to do, but exactly where to do it on the new map.

The new challenges for this week are focused on the E.G.O. Outposts, which are military-styled hangars and buildings filled with loot, in multiple locations around the map.

Once you’ve completed any eight out of the ten challenges, you will then unlock the loading screen, which contains a clue to finding the letter N (replacing battle stars for this season).

We’ve already got a guide to finding the N too, if you’re struggling with that.

Remember, you will need to be a battle pass owner to complete these challenges, so don’t waste any time traveling to the E.G.O outposts if you haven’t bought it yet!

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